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Putting an end to the “gray zone” of consent

13 December 2023

Consent is a concept that raises many questions during our training sessions, as it seems so vague to our participants. We often talk about how difficult it is to explain…

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Lifting the taboo on endometriosis in the workplace, a necessity for women’s health

30 November 2023

Until recently, endometriosis was relatively unknown to the general public. It became a public health issue in its own right in January 2022, when the government presented a national strategy…

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Achieving equal opportunities through education, a global challenge

27 November 2023

Equality of educational opportunity is a global issue, sometimes erroneously associated only with developing countries. Indeed, even in developed countries like France, educational disparities are a source of inequality at…

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What men can do for professional equality

3 November 2023

According to INSEE, the average wage income of women working in the private sector in France in 2023 will still be 24% lower than that of men. Thus, despite the…

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Inclusive management, a lever for talent retention – RH&M

18 October 2023

We’re navigating in the ” after world “, the one in which certain job categories are under pressure, and others are changing; the one in which, on the surface, nothing…

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Family carers: the forgotten victims of inclusion policies

6 October 2023

Whatever their size or sector of activity, more and more companies and organizations are recognizing the importance of creating work environments where every employee feels valued and respected. Yet, in…

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Are psychological and social risks gendered?

2 October 2023

Psychological health and well-being in the workplace have become a core focus of Human Resources (HR) policies. Evolutions in how people approach their work and career, along with various scandals,…

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