Diversity and inclusion

Alexandre Porée

Senior Consultant

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of CSR policies. Companies and organisations have a genuine role to play in enabling everyone develop their skills. We advise companies and organisations regardless of their level of maturity on the matter. Our approach based on learning and goodwill enables our clients to better grasp these sensitive issues.


EQUILIBRES offers an innovative approach to assess the impact of your D&I (diversity and inclusion) policy on the overall level of well-being within your company. We carry out an in-depth diagnosis to assess the quality of life of your employees and identify areas of improvement in terms of diversity and inclusion.

We also set up a diversity & inclusion barometer to measure the impact of your various policies on the perceptions and feelings of your employees.

Equilibres pionnier diversité / égalité / inclusion

Training programmes

Cognitive biases and stereotypes are at the root of many forms of discrimination. All our training courses take this into account, in an approach based on goodwill and by integrating facts and figures to illustrate the benefits of diversity in the workplace in a way that feels tangible and relatable (innovation, better understanding of clients and their needs, performance and quality of life at work).

Identifying obstacles to inclusion means taking an interest in the key moments of corporate life (hiring, on-boarding, management, promotion, etc.).

Advisory services

Our team can help you structure your D&I policies and action plans. We do this by working with you to develop diversity and inclusion strategies that meet your business needs, ensuring that policies and action plans are aligned with your business and cultural objectives.

We also provide advisory services in drafting and deploying action plans, ensuring that initiatives are clear, achievable and tailored to your organisation.

Finally, we offer support in communicating your D&I policy to foster an inclusive corporate culture and raise awareness of diversity and inclusion among all your employees.

Nous travaillons avec vous pour élaborer des stratégies de diversité et d'inclusion qui répondent aux besoins de votre entreprise

Are you seeking to give a formal structure your D&I policy?