Crisis management

Julie Peigné

Senior Consultant

Misunderstanding topics relating to diversity and inclusion, or being perceived as not taking them seriously enough, can represent a risk for companies and organisations. This risk may be legal, economic or reputational, but it is above all human. EQUILIBRES' teams intervene to shed light on situations, restore dialogue or advise management teams, managers or teams that are going through a sensitive period.

Ethics, confidentiality and reactivity guarantee a high level of support and make EQUILIBRES a truly trustworthy partner.


Our investigations into alleged harassment are conducted by a team of highly qualified and experienced experts in the prevention of harassment. We follow a rigorous methodology that guarantees a thorough, impartial and confidential investigation. We conduct our investigations in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

We work with expert psychologists from STIMULUS to ensure a comprehensive understanding of what we investigate.

Gestion de crise : nos enquêtes pour situation présumée de harcèlement sont menées par une équipe d'experts hautement qualifiés et expérimentés dans ce domaine.
Gestion de crise : Formations en interne pour des enquêtes, communication de crise, média training

Advisory services

Training for internal harassment investigations:

Our expert consultants provide comprehensive training to help organisations conduct internal  investigations into alleged harassment. This training includes tools and techniques to conduct impartial, confidential and effective investigations while adhering to the highest ethical standards.


Crisis communication:

We help organisations manage crisis situations relating to harassment or other diversity and inclusion issues. We work closely with clients to develop an effective communication strategy that minimises the negative impact on the company's reputation and productivity.


Executive committee media training :

In the event of a crisis, we support the company's senior management (executive committee) to help them communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

Social network and media monitoring

Our experts monitor social networks and the media to keep an eye open on your e-reputation and provide you with tailor-made advice until the crisis is resolved.

Nous assurons une veille sur les réseaux sociaux et les médias pour surveiller votre e-reputation et vous apporter un accompagnement sur-mesure jusqu’à la résolution de la crise.

Are you in need of help to manage a complex or sensitive situation?