Gender equality in the workplace

Laure Squarcioni


When addressing the topic of workplace gender equality, it is important to observe the environment in which the company - or the organisation - operates, and thus identify its margin of manoeuvrability. Our approach is methodical and pragmatic in order to adhere to regulations but also to improve the attractiveness and retention of talent.


We carry out documentary analyses including of your Works Council or collective labour agreements, and an in-depth diagnosis to assess current diversity and equality practices.

Our audits provide a comprehensive analysis of compliance with processes and practices, and enable you to implement effective strategies to improve your approach to diversity and inclusion.

Nous proposons une analyse documentaire - et notamment de vos accords -, ainsi qu'un diagnostic approfondi pour évaluer les pratiques actuelles en matière de diversité et d'égalité professionnelle.

Training programmes

To achieve gender equality in the workplace, it is necessary to train not only hiring managers, but also other key players in the organisation in how to attract and retain talents.

This means identifying biases, overcoming stereotypes and learning how to identify and deal with bad practices.


Advisory services

Our firm has a specialised expertise in implementing gender equality and fostering female talents at management level and beyond. We advise companies in their efforts to promote gender equality by implementing tangible initiatives to encourage the emergence of female talent within the company.

We also offer advisory services in negotiating Works Council and collective labour agreements as well as helping firms improve their workplace gender equality index, by guiding policies and measures to reduce the gender pay gap and improve workplace gender equality.

Nous accompagnons les entreprises dans leur démarche de promotion de la mixité en mettant en place des actions concrètes pour favoriser l'émergence de talents féminins au sein de l'entreprise.

Are you seeking advisory services for the implementation of workplace gender equality policies?