Harassment and sexism

Alice Marchionno


The prevention of harassment and the fight against sexism must be the focus of every firm’s attention as in turn, it contributes to psychosocial risk prevention policies and guarantees a respectful working environment for everyone.  EQUILIBRES intervenes at all stages of prevention: from procedural audits to investigations into alleged harassment in the workplace.


Audit of reporting and treatment procedures

EQUILIBRES conducts a complete audit of the procedures for reporting and handling cases of suspected harassment within an organisation. We also assess existing policies and procedures, identify blind spots and strengths, and provide recommendations for improving existing processes.

"Living well together" diagnoses

Our team offers a complete assessment of the work environment and organisational culture. We analyse the perception of the work climate, internal practices and the diversity and inclusion policies in place. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation, which enables us to propose tailor-made recommendations to promote "living well together" policies and move towards a more inclusive work climate.

Training programmes

In our awareness-raising and training programmes, we take care to identify useful mechanisms to raise awareness as well as the pitfalls to avoid.

We share with participants the tools and techniques to identify, alert and report inappropriate behaviour, making its prevention something in which everyone can play a part.

Advisory services

Advisory services to define procedures for reporting and dealing with inappropriate behaviour

We help organisations define clear and effective procedures for reporting and dealing with inappropriate behaviour, including harassment, discrimination and sexism. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and develop tailored procedures.

Advisory services in how to communicate and raise awareness of casual and everyday sexism

We help organisations raise awareness of gender bias and other forms of inappropriate behaviour.

Are you looking to set up initiatives to prevent harassment and fight against sexism in the workplace?