Our story

A pioneer in workplace diversity and inclusion

Founded in 2005, EQUILIBRES is a consulting firm that specializes in diversity and inclusion issues in the workplace.

Historically, our first line of consulting focused on gender equality, an issue that is critical to fostering the development of equal opportunities for women and men in the workplace.

In 2017, EQUILIBRES joined the Human & Work group, which has today become the leading European consulting group dedicated to the challenges facing people, both as individuals and as employees, at work. This merger allows us to strengthen our skills and broaden our scope of activities to meet the growing needs of companies and organisations in terms of diversity and inclusion.

Today, EQUILIBRES is proud to count companies and organisations of all sizes among its loyal clients. We advise them thanks to our multidisciplinary team of consultants that is able to meet their diversity and inclusion challenges.

Equilibres pionnier diversité / égalité / inclusion

Our approach

Our approach is based on goodwill and is tailored to our clients’ context and challenges. We believe that each company is unique and deserves a customised solution. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, assess their corporate culture and provide them with solutions that are adapted to their environment.

At EQUILIBRES, we believe that diversity and inclusion are assets for any company seeking to sustain its business, attract talent, increase its productivity and strengthen its impact.

What makes us unique

Our multi-disciplinary team, with backgrounds in HR and management, economics and social sciences, law, social psychology, communications, and coaching, is able to address the issue of inclusion in all its diversity.

Our unique expertise is developed continually, based both on academic research and our experience in the field.

Our systemic approach to gender equality takes into consideration all levels of the ecosystem that are socio-cultural, legal, organisational and individual.

Our willingness to advise all types of organisations (public and private), across all sectors, and at all stakeholder levels (executives, managers, HR, IRP, employees).

Our professional approach based on goodwill, embodying inclusion.