Compliance statement

EQUILIBRES is committed to making its websites, intranet, extranet and software packages accessible (and its mobile applications and digital street furniture) in accordance with article 47 of law no. 2005-102 of February 11, 2005.

For this purpose, EQUILIBRES implements the following strategy and actions:

  • Publication of the multi-year accessibility plan (currently being drafted) ;
  • Publication of the 2024 – 2026 action plans (currently being drafted).

This accessibility compliance statement applies to its web site

Compliance status

The website is in partial compliance with RGAA 4.1 due to the non-conformities and deviations listed below.

Tests results

The compliance audit carried out by the company AccessProd reveals that:

  • 90,74% of the RGAA version 4.1.2 criteria are met ;
  • The average compliance rate for the online service is 99.2%. This is the average of the compliance scores obtained on each of the pages in the sample.

This percentage corresponds to:

  • 5 compliant criteria ;
  • 49 non compliant criteria ;
  • 52 non-applicable criteria.

Non-accessible content


  • Some plugins are not fully compatible with assistive technologies, such as Ausha Podcast player (color contrast, script rendering, item list structure, keyboard navigation visibility).
  • Not all downloadable files are compatible with assistive technologies.

Derogations for disproportionate loading

No derogation identified.

Content not subject to the accessibility requirement

No content.

Establishment of this accessibility statement

This statement was made on January 4, 2024.

Technologies used for the website development:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

User agents, assistive technologies, and tools used to verify accessibility

The tests of the web pages were performed with the following combinations of user agents and screen readers:

  • Firefox 121 and NVDA 2023.2
  • Chrome 120 and NVDA 2023.2
  • Firefox 121 and JAWS 2022
  • Safari 17 and VoiceOver (OS 14)
  • Chrome 120 and TalkBack 14 (Android 13)

Accessibility tools

The following tools were used in the evaluation:

  • Color Contrast Analyser
  • browser developer tools
  • Barre Web Developer

Pages of the site having been the subject of the verification of conformity:

Feedback and contact information

If you are unable to access content or a service, you can contact the manager of the site to be directed to an accessible alternative or obtain the content in another form.

Contact channels

If you notice an accessibility defect preventing you from accessing content or functionality of the site, you report it to us and you are unable to obtain a response from us, you have the right to send your complaints or a request for referral to Défenseur des droits.

Several means are at your disposal :