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Racial discrimination: a forgotten facet of diversity & inclusion policies?

14 April 2023

Following the publication of several studies demonstrating the existence of widespread racial discrimination, and under the impetus of public authorities, diversity and inclusion policies were at first implemented across French…

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Women in tech: why going back in time is a step forward

8 March 2023

Here’s a plot twist you were most likely not aware of: did you know that tech has not always been a man’s world? It is estimated that women represented between…

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How firms can get involved in tackling domestic violence

28 February 2023

Domestic violence (DV), along with its impact on workers and the firms that employ them, is a topic that people have become more aware of in recent years. Workers and…

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Defining domestic violence to better spot it

6 February 2023

Whether we have been through it ourselves, are told about it or are witness to it, domestic violence (DV) often remains difficult to spot. Yet it is very widespread –…

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Singularity will overtake inclusion

16 January 2023

For several years, the subject of diversity and inclusion has been high on the agenda of Human Resources (HR) departments. The results of Human & Work’s summer 2022 barometer, which…

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Inclusion, mirage and reality

2 November 2022

Organisations, both private and public, understand the benefits of inclusion, as has been documented for several years across numerous studies which demonstrate the positive impact of diversity and inclusion on…

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Human & Work Group appoints Aurélie Judlin as Managing Director of EQUILIBRES

17 October 2022

Human & Work, Europe’s leading human resources consultancy, announces the appointment of Aurélie Judlin as Managing Director of EQUILIBRES. EQUILIBRES, a leading consultancy in workplace gender equality since 2005, advises…

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