« Train the trainers » programme


10,000 members of the diversity network


Our client is a corporate network committed to gender equality, whose objectives are to recruit, engage and unite network members around professional equality and gender diversity, and to disseminate a culture of equality. Our client called on EQUILIBRES to train and equip the network's ambassadors, turning them into genuine trainers for all employees.

Objectives and recommendations of EQUILIBRES:

  • Provide our customer with a catalogue of Equilibres training courses

  • Run training sessions for each workshop in the catalogue for members of the network

  • Train future trainers in facilitation techniques and in the creation of educational content on our subjects, in order to make them self-sufficient

Proposed plan:

The proposed scheme comprises three main phases:

1/ Training the ambassadors in facilitation techniques (workshops of 10 people and 1.5 days/workshop)

2/ Transfer knowledge to the ambassadors for the various workshops selected. Examples of themes:

  • Gender stereotypes
  • Understanding the impact of socio-cultural barriers to professional equality
  • Acting in line with your values
  • Moving from self-censorship to self-promotion
  • Overcoming the mental burden
  • Preventing sexism
  • ...

3/ Training in the development of new content in line with our customer's needs (workshops for 1 to 5 people and 1 day/workshop): designing an educational scenario, a presentation guide and the associated media.

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