Structuring professional equality policies


Managers and HR


EQUILIBRES has been working for a number of years with a specific branch of activity, and provides professional equality workshops for company managers and HR staff. These workshops follow on from a cycle of training courses on professional equality attended by the managers and HR staff of the various companies.

Objectives and recommendations of EQUILIBRES:

Adapting to companies of different levels of maturity and sizes to help them put in place the most engaging and effective professional equality policy possible. The workshop can focus on a specific issue - drawing up an action plan, support in correcting an equality index below 75/100, etc. - or on all existing processes.

Proposed plan:

  • Leading a 2-hour consultancy workshop with HR and company managers: compliance check and guidance on the issues identified by the customer
  • Drafting and sending a 5-page report on the support provided, including an assessment of the current situation, recommendations and useful information.

To carry out this workshop, the consultant will systematically carry out an upstream documentary study of all the quantified HR data for the company to be supported (BDESE, Professional Equality Index, DUERP, etc.).

During the workshop with the client, the consultant will question or expand on any conclusions reached, and will base the recommendations in the report on this analysis and discussion.

Would you like to find out more or introduce an equality policy in your company?