Raise your teams’ awareness of gender-based and sexual violence

Thanks to a series of webinars divided into 4 episodes, in the style of a Netflix series, EQUILIBRES offers you the opportunity to raise your teams' awareness and provide them with a unified knowledge base on the subject of gender-based and sexual violence, the future benchmark for living well together.

Each episode lasts one hour and consists of a presentation by our experts, interactive quizzes and a discussion with the participants. For learning to be effective, each episode must be followed and viewed in order, like chapters that complement each other to give an overall view of the topic.

  • Episode 1 lays the foundations for an understanding of sexist and sexual violence, its definitions and manifestations, and the scale of the phenomenon in France.
  • The series continues with a 2nd episode looking at the boundaries and differences between sexism, humour, sexual harassment and seduction.
  • Episode 3 sets out the legal framework and the legal obligations of both individuals and companies.
  • And finally, the 4th and final episode is an opportunity to speak out by deciphering how to act and react to situations of harassment or sexism, whether you are a victim or a witness.

Experience feedback

Through the training cycle set up at the CEA's Cadarache site, we were able to see that this awareness-raising enabled employees to take real ownership of the subject. In addition to the exchanges created internally and the reflection carried out on behaviour, the notions of consent and stereotypes, for example, the discussion continued in the family circles and friends of the employees through the rebroadcasts. A real dynamic of prevention and mobilisation was put in place and this training cycle thus became the basis of a more comprehensive approach involving an inventory of the situation in the company and the setting up of a system for collecting feedback. It's a first step towards committing your company to preventing such behaviour.

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