International D&I programme and raising awareness on inclusive management


All managers (from top executives to local managers: 3,000 people) in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.


The client company has set itself the goal of being, by 2025, a company that is recognised for the diversity and inclusion of all its talents, where everyone can develop their full potential by making the most of their uniqueness. This ambition is based on 3 pillars:

1/ Guaranteeing non-discrimination

2/ Committing to gender equality in the workplace

3/ Promoting all types of diversity, including cultural and generational diversity

Objectives and recommendations of EQUILIBRES:

  • Raise awareness among all managers of D&I and the impact of non-inclusive practices on performance
  • Overcome unconscious biases and stereotypes, including prejudice
  • Provide managers with the tools and keys to adopt new, more inclusive behaviours and participate in promoting diversity on a daily basis

Proposed plan:

Tailor-made blended learning course in English:

1/ Self-assessment questionnaire for each participant to evaluate their level of maturity on the topic and their expectations in terms of D&I.

2/ Interactive 1hr 30min remote conference, including an introduction to the awareness-raising programme for managers, an inspirational talk ("what neuroscience teaches us about diversity"), theoretical contributions ("why Diversity and Inclusion matter"), a presentation of the company's D&I strategy and a Q&A session.

3/ An e-learning programme lasting around 1hr 30min, based on 5 modules (each comprising: motion design video / quiz / downloadable teaching sheet):

  • The fundamentals of diversity and inclusion
  • The principles of non-discrimination
  • Gender equality in the workplace
  • Unconscious biases
  • Inclusive management

4/ Practical workshops based on the storytelling method (3 hours remote learning in small groups)

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