D&I programme: perception questionnaire and training courses


90 employees (working language: English)


  • Diversity and inclusion are major issues for our client, which, like other investment funds, is struggling to diversify and feminise its workforce.
  • A qualitative analysis (interviews with around thirty people) was carried out internally and revealed a heterogeneous perception of diversity, particularly in terms of gender, and partly linked to cultural differences.
  • Willingness to raise awareness and involve employees in diversity & inclusion training.

Objectives and recommendations of EQUILIBRES:

  • Gather employees' perceptions of diversity and inclusion to fuel discussions during training sessions and, in the longer term, to guide our customer in drawing up its D&I action plan.

  • Cascade training: first train the managers who drive the company's commitment, then all employees so that everyone shares a common base of knowledge

Proposed plan:

Stage 1: Quantitative survey

Online questionnaire administered to all employees (15 questions) to gather their perceptions, expectations and personal experience of D&I.

Stage 2: Training sessions for senior staff

3-hour face-to-face workshops in sub-groups of 12 for partners and managers "becoming key relays for D&I" in Paris, Madrid and Brussels

  • Understanding what D&I means, in general and within the company
  • Challenge the illusion that workplace gender equality has been completely attained
  • Become aware of unconscious stereotypes and prejudices
  • Understand the challenges
  • Understand your role and responsibility as a senior employee in favour of D&I
  • Define individual commitments

Stage 3 : Training sessions for all employees

3-hour workshops in sub-groups of 12 people for employees "sharing common knowledge and commitments about D&I" face-to-face in Paris, Madrid and Brussels.

Would you like to find out more or implement a D&I policy in your company?