Conference on racial discrimination


All employees registered for the conference (300 people)


The company's Employee Resource Group on Ethno-Racial Diversity wanted to raise awareness of non-discrimination on the grounds of origin among all employees in France on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (21 March).

Objectives and recommendations of EQUILIBRES:

  • Raise employees' awareness of racial discrimination, how it shows up in everyday life and its possible consequences

  • Understand unconscious bias and stereotypes

  • Provide tools for more inclusive behaviour on a daily basis

  • Know how to react as a witness or victim of inappropriate comments or behaviour, be aware of prevention mechanisms and identify prevention officers in the company

Proposed plan:

A 1-hour face-to-face conference with introductory speeches by ERG members on ethno-racial diversity to inform employees about their values and initiatives.

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