Human & Work Group appoints Aurélie Judlin as Managing Director of EQUILIBRES

  • Human & Work, Europe's leading human resources consultancy, announces the appointment of Aurélie Judlin as Managing Director of EQUILIBRES.
  • EQUILIBRES, a leading consultancy in workplace gender equality since 2005, advises companies across the private sector, along with public organisations, on how to sustainably implement diversity and inclusion in their line of work.

Aurélie Judlin, Managing Director of EQUILIBRES, said: "In the current context of uncertainty, which leads to disengagement and mistrust, companies must be places that bring together ideas, energy and people. Building on the experience I have acquired over the last few years within the Human & Work group, I wish to continue mobilizing stakeholders of the working world to make organizations push boundaries. I am convinced that firms need support and guidance to help them take on their role and responsibilities as catalysts of social change. In a context of intense competition for talents, expectations are high, both from employees and from external stakeholders.

EQUILIBRES' mission is to provide companies and organisations with the tools and skills to meet these new challenges. It is with this in mind that I will be working to accelerate the firm's deployment, both in terms of its services and the scope of its activity".


"As a pioneer in gender consulting, EQUILIBRES has been a leading force in the implementation of workplace gender equality for more than 15 years. I have faith in Aurélie's ability to contribute to strengthening our position as leading advisors to companies and human resources professionals on matters relating to diversity and inclusion, and to fulfil the ambitions we have for EQUILIBRES in a market that is evolving extremely rapidly", added David Mahé, President and Founder of Human & Work.


About Aurélie Judlin, 42, Managing Director of Equilibres

Aurélie graduated from ICN Business School in 2003 and from the Institut Français de la Mode in 2005. She joined Groupe Models in 2004 as Department Manager / Business Development Manager, before becoming Agency Manager and then Deputy Managing Director. She then became Associate Director of AJ2H Conseil in 2013 before joining Décideurs - Leaders League in 2014 as Managing Director of the Events Department. Following which, she joined the Coaching Academy and received her professional coaching certification in 2015. In 2016, she joined Stimulus, a consulting firm that is part of the Human & Work group and which specializes in psychological health at work, as Development Manager. She was then appointed Director of Operations in March 2019 before continuing in this role at the group level in September 2019. She is Managing Director of EQUILIBRES since September 2022.

About Human & Work

Human & Work is the leading European consultancy group dedicated to the challenges facing people in the workplace. It offers strategic and operational advice to corporate Human Resources departments. Thanks to its multidisciplinary team, Human & Work brings a unique expertise on issues of psychological health at work, diversity and inclusion, career management and leadership development.

Our 255 employees advise more than 1,000 companies, which employ a combined total of around 8 million employees, across France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Our mission is clear: to build, together an inclusive, responsible, and serene workplace.




EQUILIBRES is a firm specialised in Diversity and Inclusion, which advises and supports organisations in understanding the mechanisms that underly inequality, and in helping them define and implement their gender equality and anti-discrimination policies. The company carries out audits and interactive training programmes based on goodwill as well as a system for listening, reporting and dealing with situations of alleged discrimination, harassment and sexism in the workplace.

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