Fighting sexism and harassment

"1 in 3 women has been sexually harassed or assaulted during her working life"

Source Ifop-Vie healthy 2018

The AACC (Association of Communication Agencies) has joined forces with EQUILIBRES to set up a series of consultancy workshops aimed at training agency directors and managers.

The aim: to learn about and identify manifestations of sexism and sexual or moral harassment in everyday working life; to become aware of their impact at individual and collective level; to have the benchmarks and framework for action to put in place an effective prevention and combating policy.

In the current context, in the wake of the #MeToo and #BalanceTonAgency movements, and with the high visibility of situations of harassment and sexism, it is necessary to put in place compliant and effective company policies.

Workshops to enable you to prevent and act

  • What is the current state of harassment and sexism? What is the scale, what are the obstacles, what are the preconceived ideas?
  • Humour, seduction, conflict: what are the limits?
  • How central is the notion of consent?
  • What are the company's obligations, responsibilities and risks?
  • What actions should be taken and what is good practice?

Thanks to its expertise in equality in the workplace, EQUILIBRES provides workshop participants with a complete toolbox for structuring and implementing actions to combat harassment and sexist behaviour, as well as preventing such behaviour.

Global mobilisation to implement concrete actions

"You can't not know, see, hear or say anything...".

In addition to this training cycle, two other initiatives are being run by the AACC.

The first is "L'État des Lionnes", a partnership between the AACC and Les Lionnes, an association for the defence and promotion of women in the advertising and communications sector. This is the first barometric study, in partnership with OpinionWay, to analyse all forms of harassment in communications agencies (moral, sexist, sexual).

"This is a foundation that will give us even more resources to put an end to inequality and violence", say Bertille Toledano and David Leclabart, respectively President and Treasurer of the AACC.

In addition, an advertising industry agreement is currently being negotiated to take action against harassment in the workplace, whether moral or sexual.

The training courses offered by EQUILIBRES are therefore part of a global movement to raise awareness and will help to structure policies and concrete actions to combat gender-based violence and harassment together.

Would you like to set up initiatives to prevent harassment and combat sexism?